8 reasons clients hate you


8 reasons clients hate you
1. You’re always late to work

2. You station is so dirty it should be quarantined 

3. Your trimmers are TOO sharp and leave marks. 

4. You don’t take showers regularly 

5. You don’t use a toothbrush regularly

6. You try to sleep with every woman that comes in the shop. 

7. You spend way too much time on 1 cut because of 1. Smoke break 2. Lunch break 3. PlayStation break. 

8. Your cuts suck but no one will tell you the truth. 

Sean Casey class at #BBshow16


Classroom 106-3pm-430pm

This is the class to take to have the best understanding of your Andis Master! You will learn how to adjust your Master clipper to ensure peak performance with every haircut. Your Andis educator will discuss how to create masterpieces with the Master clipper and discuss the trimmer that complements this clipper: the T-Outliner. Haircuts and techniques that will advance your fading and help you be a ‘master’ of your trade will be shown. In addition, you’ll learn about the features of the Master, get answers to the most commonly asked questions about the Master, and how to incorporate maintenance with every haircut, every time.

Ivan Zoot class at #BBshow16


Classroom 105-3pm-430pm

Plunder the seven seas of men’s hair success. Cast off small thinking and set sail for profitability. Your treasure is out there. Only a men’s hair pirate can get their hands on the chest of gold coins. To captain your men’s hair ship you must think and act like a pirate. Rrrrrrr!

The skills of pirate barbering are the R’s of barber success. Captain ClipperGuy (Ivan Zoot) will lead you scallywags on an adventure in Rebooking, Referrals, Repeat requests, Retailing, Rate of occupancy and Raising your prices. Anchors away on your next great adventure.
Updates for 2016 with new R’s and new inspirations.


Bakari Autman class at #BBshow16


The main objective of Everyday Barber is to equip The Everyday Barber with the necessary skills to become financially fit. Skills like cutting, marketing, branding, money management, product sales and client retention. The Everyday Barber is more than just delivering a haircut, it is professionalism, goal setting and marketing which are key aspects to longevity.

Classroom 105-1230pm-2:00pm