Safe and Proper Clipper Cleaning

Clean clippers are critical in proper hygiene and customer satisfaction. Taking the extra steps to properly maintain your clippers will help prevent the growth and transfer of bacteria from one customer to the next. To ensure that each customer leaves without irritated hairlines, infected razor bumps, or other skin disorders, take

the necessary precautions. A bad reputation getting around about you having “dirty” clippers will be hard to live down. One minute of your time between haircuts is well worth the trouble. Spend the money and take the time for yourself, your equipment, and your customers.

There are numerous multipurpose products on the market that act as an all-in-one clipper blade disinfectant, coolant, and lubricant, such as Wahl’s Blade Ice, Andis’ Cool-Care Plus, Oster’s Clean N’ Care, Laube’s Mr. Lube N’ Cool, Clippercide’s Aerosol Spray, etc. Although these products are useful to keep on hand during a busy day, proper manual cleaning and maintenance is indispensable.

Between Each Client

• Brush off your clippers with a clipper brush, such as Wahl’s H-42 Clipper Brush, to remove hair from the clipper, clipper parts, and blade. It’s not necessary to remove blades, but it is important to use a brush specifically designed for clippers to avoid damage to the blade. Your clipper brush should also be sterilized regularly with a disinfectant.

• Disinfect your clippers with a spray cleaner, such as H-42’s Virucidal Anti-Bacterial Clean Clippers, which allows you to clean and lubricate without removing your blade. Be sure to use one that is said to kill the HIV-1 virus and dries quickly to prevent mildew from forming.

During Downtime

• Between every three to five cuts, apply a lubricating oil on your clipper blade and moving parts to prevent rust and blade deterioration. Place one drop on the blade teeth and rail, moving the blade back and forth to work it in. Hold the blade upside-down so the oil can run through the blade, then wipe off excess with a clean, dry cloth. “Less is more” is a good rule of thumb when applying oil on your clippers. Usually, any brand of clipper oil will work with all brands and/or models of clippers, unless otherwise stated on the label.

Once a Week

• Dip your clippers in a virucidal cleaner, such as Mar-V-Cide or Barbicide. Leave your clipper in the solution for about 15 to 20 seconds, then wipe off excess and apply some oil on the blade.

• Remove your blade to check for rust or build up.

Once a Year

• In order to keep your motor running at maximum potential, and to prevent electric shorts, you should completely disassemble your clipper once a year. The most important step is to lubricate the inner parts of your clipper, but you should also check for worn or damaged parts and product build up or hair. Remember, you can hire a clipper repair technician to do this if you’re not comfortable doing it yourself. If your clipper isn’t worth this extra effort, buy a new one.

Establishing a routine with your clipper cleaning is very important. Your customers will appreciate all the precautions you take. The reward is years of loyal customers that are clear of any infections and skin irritations. Safety is crucial to the health of the professional and the client.

Kristi Faulkner

How To Get Justin Timberlake’s Haircut: The Neat Sweep

If winter 2015 was owned by the Scandinavian slick-back, the spring to come is about an altogether more comfortable look – the neat sweep, as seen recently on Justin Timberlake.

Though a sharply shaved back and sides combined with a strictly combed, wet-look top can look boyishly neat (see Becks and Gosling for proof), it’s not an easy cut to maintain and it has the potential to look a bit forced.

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10 Fitness Rules Every Man Should Break

Fitness instructors love January. The New Year heralds in a procession of guilt-ridden, turkey-weight-carrying slobs making their annual pilgrimage to the gym to lose the winter bulge.

Sadly, there’s a lot of bullshit out there on how to sort out your body. In short, a lot of what the ‘experts’ tell you is utter toss. The simple truth is that it’s all down to you and your willpower, and unlike wind, solar power and Bruce Forsyth, willpower is a finite resource.

So if you’ve made New Years resolutions, make sure you’re not wasting your willpower on the wrong ones. To save you the gym trip – and the cash – here’s FHM’s myth-busting guide to getting in shape for 2013…

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B.O.M. Most Influential Barbers 2014

Congratulations to Barbers Only Magazine’s

(B.O.M.) 50 most influential barbers of 2014!

The barbers were chosen based on these 5 criteria:

  • Artistic creativity
  • Cultural influence
  • Facial hair Grooming
  • Fades/Tapers
  • Traditional Cuts                                              

 B.O.M. 50 Most Influential Barbers (2014) 

(In alphabetical order by government or IG name)

1)Adrian Fanus  2)Alex Clase  3)Amit Corso  4)Angel Raws  5)Arod23pr

6)Christina Goree  7)Chris “Razorsharp24” Williams  8)Criztofferson 9)Curtis smith

10)Danny Amorin  11)David “DL” Hiland  12)David Lindsay  13)Denny Moe

14)Doug Thompkins  15)Eric Cheeks  16)Eric Pacinos  17)Faheem Alexander

18)Garland G-Wiz Fox  19)Gino Maggio  20) Haven the groomer  21)  Hood Barber07

22) J. ruff (Illinois)  23)J. Valentin  24) JC Tha barber (Los Angeles)  25) Jesse Lima

26) Joe the barber (San Antonio)  27) Julius Ceasar (Los Angeles) 28) Kb bullock

29) Kenny Duncan  30) Kriste Faulkner  31) Los Cut it  32) Marcus Harvey

33) Marcus Ph333  34) Mark Marrero  35) Mike “10 stacks” Sales  36) Moody OC

37)  Papito “Blessed Hands” 38) Qaadir Larke  39) Rich “Captain Smash”Payne

40) Rich “Get Rich Inc” the Barber  41) Rob “Big Rob” Presswood 42) Rob the original

43) Sipp da Surgeon  44) Spruce Cruz  45) Stacey Kutz  46) Tariq Nevar 47) Tone McGill

48) Vandagoat49) Wil Perez  50)Youseff the barber

Ted Baker To Offer Up Complimentary Movember Grooming

Sharpen up for a good cause

November heralds a month of moustaches (of varying success rates) thanks to the Movember charity appeal. For 30 days the non-whiskered become the whiskered – it’s hirsuteness’ moment in the sun! – helping to raise funds and awareness for men’s health issues.

This year, Ted’s Grooming Room – Ted Baker’s space for everything sprucing – is lending a dapper hand. Services at each six of its venues range from haircuts to skincare, as well as offering guests traditional Turkish shaves.

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