Haircut Price Observation 2016

After doing a lot of traveling this year, I noticed some of the different prices in haircuts. I saw prices ranging from $5.99 -$50 for a cut. Every shop is different and I realize some shops in the same area can have a drastically different price. I also observed that prices in heavily populated areas are more expensive; for the most part, than suburban areas. Unfortunately, there will always be cutthroat or bootleg barbers who lower the profession by offering ridiculous ($5.99) prices.With the new year coming fast, barbers are asking themselves “should I raise prices?”Here are some of the prices I noticed:

New York City.-haircut only-$20

Los Angeles- Fade- $26

Philadelphia- haircut only(including shampoo)-$23

Long Beach-haircut only-$30

Columbia, SC- haircut/beard-$22

Miami- haircut/straight razor shave-$25