5 reasons why your barbershop needs to provide facials.

More and more barbershops are adding facials to their client selections. In addition to providing a unique service to your shop, facials provide an excellent benefit to clients skin care needs. 

 Here are 5 reasons why your shop should be offering this service. 

5 reasons why your barbershop needs to provide facials. 

1. Facials are instrumental when cleaning skin pores. 

2. Facial treatments encourage blood flow while also bringing nourishing blood to the skins cells. 

3. Facials are relaxing and therapeutic. 

4. Facials can be used to correct skin treatments.  

5. Facials can be used to keep healthy skin in a normal state. 


5 reasons to bring your bike to the barber shop.

Craig knows bikes… New Bo Jackson’s… new workout.
If you are part of the 85% that dropped their new years resolution of working out, let’s try something new. Bicycling is something we did as a kid but who knew about its benefits? I used to ride all over the Bronx & Harlem growing up. It was just fun. I had 5 bikes stolen at gun or knife point or both but that’s another story. Here’s some reasons to get your fat ____ back on a bike.

1. It’s easy on the joints. Every time a former athlete comes in the shop and tells me how they used to do it on the court; (pause) they always complain about their knees getting worse as they get older. Bike riding is much better for bad knees, ankles or legs than running.
2. Bike riding burns calories. A lot… I seen a client lose 65lbs from November to March by going to spin class at the gym 3 times a week.
3. Bike riding; just like any other physical activity, helps reduce stress. The next time your co-worker steals your neck strips and you wanna smack him upside his head; go ride your bike.
4. Bike riding can be quick and effective. You need to work out for an hour to get a workout. Try a 15 minute bike ride a few times a week and watch the results. I wish my streets had sidewalks. I would ride my bike to the barbershop. #lying
5. Cycling is great for the heart. According to the CDC, “Heart disease is the leading cause of death in men AND women.” Why not do something that makes that heart stronger??

Ok, so let’s get back on workout resolutions for 2015 and ride a bike!

Gloves or Nah?

Many barbers today are performing barbering services with latex, rubber gloves. The gloves are used for extra protection from possible scalp disorders a client may have such as dandruff or ringworms.  However, some barbers do not like the practice of wearing gloves and think they are “uncomfortable” and “unnecessary”.

Advocates for wearing gloves say:

1. It’s good hygiene and sanitary

2. Protects hands from hair splinters

3. Keeps hair from getting under nails

4. Gloves protect skin while applying color

5. Gloves protect client and barber during razor services from possible blood contact.

The anti-glove supporters say:

1. They’re sweaty

2. The gloves feel weird.

3. They can’t get a true grip on clippers.

4. Barbers have cut hair for centuries without gloves.

5. Barbers that wear gloves are not “real” barbers

Whether for good shop hygiene or style; gloves seem to be here to stay.  What does the barbering industry think, “Gloves or Nah?”

Safe and Proper Clipper Cleaning

Clean clippers are critical in proper hygiene and customer satisfaction. Taking the extra steps to properly maintain your clippers will help prevent the growth and transfer of bacteria from one customer to the next. To ensure that each customer leaves without irritated hairlines, infected razor bumps, or other skin disorders, take

the necessary precautions. A bad reputation getting around about you having “dirty” clippers will be hard to live down. One minute of your time between haircuts is well worth the trouble. Spend the money and take the time for yourself, your equipment, and your customers.

There are numerous multipurpose products on the market that act as an all-in-one clipper blade disinfectant, coolant, and lubricant, such as Wahl’s Blade Ice, Andis’ Cool-Care Plus, Oster’s Clean N’ Care, Laube’s Mr. Lube N’ Cool, Clippercide’s Aerosol Spray, etc. Although these products are useful to keep on hand during a busy day, proper manual cleaning and maintenance is indispensable.

Between Each Client

• Brush off your clippers with a clipper brush, such as Wahl’s H-42 Clipper Brush, to remove hair from the clipper, clipper parts, and blade. It’s not necessary to remove blades, but it is important to use a brush specifically designed for clippers to avoid damage to the blade. Your clipper brush should also be sterilized regularly with a disinfectant.

• Disinfect your clippers with a spray cleaner, such as H-42’s Virucidal Anti-Bacterial Clean Clippers, which allows you to clean and lubricate without removing your blade. Be sure to use one that is said to kill the HIV-1 virus and dries quickly to prevent mildew from forming.

During Downtime

• Between every three to five cuts, apply a lubricating oil on your clipper blade and moving parts to prevent rust and blade deterioration. Place one drop on the blade teeth and rail, moving the blade back and forth to work it in. Hold the blade upside-down so the oil can run through the blade, then wipe off excess with a clean, dry cloth. “Less is more” is a good rule of thumb when applying oil on your clippers. Usually, any brand of clipper oil will work with all brands and/or models of clippers, unless otherwise stated on the label.

Once a Week

• Dip your clippers in a virucidal cleaner, such as Mar-V-Cide or Barbicide. Leave your clipper in the solution for about 15 to 20 seconds, then wipe off excess and apply some oil on the blade.

• Remove your blade to check for rust or build up.

Once a Year

• In order to keep your motor running at maximum potential, and to prevent electric shorts, you should completely disassemble your clipper once a year. The most important step is to lubricate the inner parts of your clipper, but you should also check for worn or damaged parts and product build up or hair. Remember, you can hire a clipper repair technician to do this if you’re not comfortable doing it yourself. If your clipper isn’t worth this extra effort, buy a new one.

Establishing a routine with your clipper cleaning is very important. Your customers will appreciate all the precautions you take. The reward is years of loyal customers that are clear of any infections and skin irritations. Safety is crucial to the health of the professional and the client.

Kristi Faulkner

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