I love to compete

I like to compete. I waited a long time for barber competitions to enjoy the popularity that they have today. I like the idea of going up against another barber and trying to create that perfect cut. I had a chance to participate in the BG Groomed Expo in Atlanta in December 2016. I was in the Fast Fade competition with about 11 other barbers. You had 15 minutes to complete  a Bald Fade. They didn’t just judge you on speed but also cleanliness, precision and overall total look. I didn’t do well but I learned a few techniques I can correct for the next one. One thing I learned is I need A LOT of speed barbering practice. Working in a shop all day is not the same as getting competition-ready. But I love the excitement and anticipation of every event. Look for me to compete in more events in 2017!

12 Barber Goals for the New Year

With the new year approaching, every barber should have their goals in place. 2017 is gonna be a great year, here are 12 goals to consider…

12 Barber Goals for the New Year

  1. How can i build more clientele?
  2. Do I have the proper equipment to be an excellent barber?
  3. How can I increase my skills as a barber?
  4. Which marketing techniques can I use to increase my income?
  5. Do I have a social media presence?
  6. Is the shop I work at right for me?
  7. Do I have a sufficient savings plan?
  8. Do I have business cards/flyers?
  9. What are my weekly, monthly and annual financial goals?
  10. Is my business incorporated?
  11. How can i maximize my business tax deductions?
  12. Am I licensed or do I have a plan to get licensed?



5 reasons not to have sex with your clients

5 reasons not to have sex with your clients

  • If you are a successful barber, chances are you have either 1)Had sex with a female client (this includes clients mothers, sisters, grandmothers or significant others) or want to have sex with a female client (this also includes clients mothers, sisters, grandmothers or significant others. After 26 years in the business and working at 19 barbershops, I have observed a lot. Every once in a blue moon, a barber may get lucky and meet the woman of their dreams in the barbershop. But, more often than not…. that aint gonna happen. Here are a few true stories about John Doe Barber and their unlucky encounters with female clients; names and occurrences have been changed to protect the barbers and clients. These are 5 reasons NOT to have sex with your clients mom.

Number 5: After the first sexual escapade, you better believe that her kids haircuts are free. No way around it. Especially if you want to come back for seconds. This means you just lost money.

Number 4: The sex was bad and now you have to act like your too busy to see her every time she comes to the shop.

Number 3: The sex was great but your stamina wasn’t. Now she’s taking her kid to another barber; in the same shop.

Number 2: She fell in love with you and has 4 unemployed brothers who still live at home with mom. Welcome to the family.

Number 1: You fell in love but she didn’t tell you her 6’8 husband, who’s  back from the Marines with a serious case of combat PTSD, is coming back from the middle east next month.

Moral of the story; as my uncle the pimp use to say; “Never shit where you eat.”bomnicki

10 things some barbers say..

If you have worked in a barbershop long enough, chances are you have heard a barber say one of these…. Here are 10 things some barbers say. 
1. I don’t need a appointment app, I only take walk ins

2. I’ll never use dye, color, or hair fibers. 

3. I don’t need any social media, I have business cards

4. I’m not cutting kids, they move too much. 

5. I’m not cutting none of those crazy designs. 

6. I don’t cut (insert ethnicity) hair. 

7. I’m don’t need to go to a barber class, I know how to cut. 

8. I don’t need to use razors on my cuts. 

9. How did (insert celebrity barber) get that job?I cut better than them!

10. I don’t need shears, clippers will do the same thing.