Blade change for longevity

As barbers we spend time adjusting, sharpening and modifying our blades. After meticulous blade maintenance, we have them cutting “just right”. However, sometimes we forget to actually change our blades. After constant sharpening and adjusting, there has to be a time when you switch to a new blade and start the process over. I speak from experience. After sharpening one of my favorite blades on my Andis Outliner for the 3rd time in almost 3 years, I realized there was not much blade left to sharpen. If you are a high volume barber, your blade change time should be much quicker. The dilemma is that by the time we get our blades perfect, we may have to soon change the blade that took so long to perfect. One solution is to modify and sharpen new blades immediately; don’t wait until they get dull. You will get more usage in the long room from your clippers.

Xotics Pre-Battle Social

Xotics hosted their pre-battle social at 9th Chapter Barbershop in Los Angeles. The vibe was positive at the eclectic shop as it slowly filled up with some of Southern California’s top barbers.  There is an expression in the south called , “Southern hospitality”, but thanks to Ayesha & Parris (9th Chapter barbershop) I really felt welcomed in the city of Angels. I took a mini tour  of the shop thx to @thebarberdolltheslayer and she told me to check out the vending machine in the back. I asked myself why is she telling me to check out the vending machine? I’ve seen vending machines in barber shops before. However, once I looked , I realized that this was a very unique and enjoyable vending machine. Let’s just say , I had no problems paying my money for the little treat. If you  get a chance and you visit the shop make sure you go in the back to the vending machine.

I really like network events like this because you get to talk to people in your profession about similar subjects; things that only a real, true barber would understand.  I also had the pleasure of meeting one of LA’s top stylists , @theegoogoo ; very cool sista! A few people like  @successaddict from the Xotics camp came through to rep for the brand. Some more notable barbers that attended were @TheBarberDollSlayer,  Stacey Kutz, JC the Barber, @GroomCity and of course Cutis Smith of Xotics. If you are ever in LA, make sure you check out 9th Chapter Barbershop.