Wahl  5 star Magic Clip testimonial

It’s been about 3 years since I removed a Wahl clipper from my arsenal. Today I added them back. It wasn’t anything about their performance which made me remove them; I was a diehard Seniors supporter for decades. I just wanted to try different brands. I’m glad I added these back! I have over 62 differ t clippers so it was kind of easy to switch up but I actually forgot how smooth the fades are with these clippers. The guards and the blade that comes with these Magic Clips allow for a wider and more blend-happy fade. Avis users will know what I’m talking about and others will think… wtf 

I’m not telling you to get rid of anything because I rock with everybody; Wahl’s, Andis, Oster, Bayblyss…. but check these out the next time you get a brush length bald fade. Clipper paradise…

Most Underrated Trimmers 2016

Barbers have a lot of choices when it comes to trimmers. Unfortunately, sometimes the good guys get overlooked; ask Damian Lilliard. When it comes to power, crispness and precision; these 2 trimmers are one of the best. They are great for little kids who have those tiny corners and arches. These are also good for designs and parts. Check them out at your next hair show and add them to your collection. Andis Styleliner and Wahl Hero, the most underrated trimmers (so far) of 2016. 


Reds or Purps?


The clipper guards that barbers use are almost as important as the clipper; may be even more important. Two favorite clipper guards are the red Speed-O-Guides and the purple Andis Nano Magnetic Guards. Both of their popularity is based on performance, precision, and personal usage.The Speed-O-Guides have been around for over 12 years. The Nano’s are the new kid on the block; they have been around about 4 years. Which ones are your favorite; Reds or Purps?


4 reasons we like the Andis Outliner

One of our favorite trimmers is the Andis Outliner. It’s an O.G. In the barber game and here are a few reasons why. 

1. Durability. These trimmers last a long time. They stand up to heavy use in the barbershop daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.

2. Power. Powerful enough for bald fades and line ups. Sharp enough for crisp beard lineups. 

3. Versatile. Can be used for lil kids shape ups or heavy freestyle design work. 

4. Sharpness. Whether adjusted or out the box, the andis T-outliner is rated one of the top 3 sharpest trimmers by BOM. Crispy lines are the norm for this trimmer. 



Building your clipper arsenal for the barbershop

If you are a new barber, there are certain clippers that we ALL usually start out with from our local Walmart or non-barber supply store. These clippers are cheap but they serve the purpose for the time being. However, if you are working in a barber shop, it’s time to build your clipper selection. Here are a few clipper types that you should have; this is the minimum…

1. Power Tool: Detachable Clipper- Oster 76 or Andis BGRC are my faves. You should only need 1.

2. Workhorse Tool: Andis Master, Wahl Senior, Oster Fast Feed-These will be your taper/fade workhorse. You should have at least 2.

3. Lining Tool: Andis outliner, andis styliner, Wahl Detailer, Wahl Hero are some of my faves. You should have at least 3.

Thats a minimum of 6 clippers/trimmers in your arsenal.