Building your clipper arsenal for the barbershop

If you are a new barber, there are certain clippers that we ALL usually start out with from our local Walmart or non-barber supply store. These clippers are cheap but they serve the purpose for the time being. However, if you are working in a barber shop, it’s time to build your clipper selection. Here are a few clipper types that you should have; this is the minimum…

1. Power Tool: Detachable Clipper- Oster 76 or Andis BGRC are my faves. You should only need 1.

2. Workhorse Tool: Andis Master, Wahl Senior, Oster Fast Feed-These will be your taper/fade workhorse. You should have at least 2.

3. Lining Tool: Andis outliner, andis styliner, Wahl Detailer, Wahl Hero are some of my faves. You should have at least 3.

Thats a minimum of 6 clippers/trimmers in your arsenal.

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