BOM Barber Spotlight With “B-Exclusive”

B.O.M: Do you prefer cutting in the shop or on the road?

B.: Well, nothing against cutting in the shop, but I love being on the road. I make sure it’s worth my time by doing business with people that can afford my rate. When you deal with an industry that travels a lot, having a steady barber just makes their life easier. In a shop, a lot of the pricing for a haircut is based off of a national standard or the area you live in. On the road, I could cut 15 or 16 heads for two or three hundred a piece; depending on the job.

B.O.M: Who or what influenced you to be a barber?

B.: It was the one thing I knew I was good at; early on. It came natural to me, and the more I cut the better I got. I liked the fact that it was something that people would always have a need for. Cutting hair gave me structure and before I knew it, I had clientele.

B.O.M: Did you ever have a problem getting your money with everything going on out there?

B.: Of course I would never say yes to that question. Out of all the people getting paid, I knew I was last on the totem pole; but I understood my position. I knew out of all the millions that were being negotiated around me; my few grand could get overlooked now and then. In the meanwhile, I was on G5 jets , living life and having experiences of a lifetime. So sometimes my money came late, but they always took care of me

B.O.M: What tools did you keep with you to get the job done?

B.: I had to have my main pair of (andis) outliners, you know; the go-to pair. You have to take care of those at all times, especially while on tour, it’s all about that shape up man. I also had some Oster Fast Feeds, a 1 ½ inch metal guard, a fade brush, and a couple of backup clippers; just in case my main ones got hot.

B.O.M: How did you determine the rate you charged them for your services?

B.: For the N.B.A, I charge by the player. For Y.M.C.B, I had an agreement with their manager Tez. But then I started cutting so many people that he had to put a cap on

it to make sure he stayed within the budget.

B.O.M: How did you manage to save money while being surrounded by temptation?

B.: I never really had to spend any money. I basically became part of the team. They took care of my room, any parties I was V.I.P, I had limo service at my convenience. Pretty much anything they had access to, I had access to.

B.O.M: Were you mainly cutting in hotels?

B.: I was mainly in hotels with the Cavs, but with Young Money I was backstage most of the time. The lighting was pretty good in those rooms, plus there were make-up artists and other stylists in there too. There was a time I had about 8 of the Cavs in hotel suite waiting for haircuts. I had my chair in the bathroom, music playing while I’m cutting hair. Everyone was in the main room of the suite just chilling, joking around and having a good time. That moment reminded me why I love what I do.


B.O.M: Thanks for the barber love and continued success!

7 Reasons barbers may find a new shop

If you are new to the barber industry or an established veteran, there may be a time when you second guess your shop choice. Here are 7 reasons that you may want to leave….

1. Booth rent or commission fee is too high-If at the end of the week, all you have is your booth rent and enough for a happy meal; it may be time to leave.

2. No walk in traffic- If you come to work everyday and market yourself for a month and you still have not seen a walk in; it may be time to leave.

3. Too many barbers- If your shop looks like the DMV at the first of the month…. If you been at your shop for 6 months and you still don’t know half of the barbers in your shop names…

4. Shop atmosphere is negative-If you feel like you have to be armed when you go to work… If you co-workers constantly steal your products and equipment and yo are afraid of getting shanked when your back is turned…

5. Shop location sucks… If Google Maps asks you “Where the hell is that” when you put in your shop address… If you haven’t seen a new house, apt, store, or school being built in your area in the last 3 years….might be time to leave

6. Haircut prices are too low.- If $5 Fridays is the standard in your shop… RUN from your shop

7. The shop owner has no clue….- If the shop owner thinks its a good idea for you to pay booth rent twice a week…..


Think about you shop choices. It’s a career, not a hustle.

How To Get Justin Timberlake’s Haircut: The Neat Sweep

If winter 2015 was owned by the Scandinavian slick-back, the spring to come is about an altogether more comfortable look – the neat sweep, as seen recently on Justin Timberlake.

Though a sharply shaved back and sides combined with a strictly combed, wet-look top can look boyishly neat (see Becks and Gosling for proof), it’s not an easy cut to maintain and it has the potential to look a bit forced.

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10 Fitness Rules Every Man Should Break

Fitness instructors love January. The New Year heralds in a procession of guilt-ridden, turkey-weight-carrying slobs making their annual pilgrimage to the gym to lose the winter bulge.

Sadly, there’s a lot of bullshit out there on how to sort out your body. In short, a lot of what the ‘experts’ tell you is utter toss. The simple truth is that it’s all down to you and your willpower, and unlike wind, solar power and Bruce Forsyth, willpower is a finite resource.

So if you’ve made New Years resolutions, make sure you’re not wasting your willpower on the wrong ones. To save you the gym trip – and the cash – here’s FHM’s myth-busting guide to getting in shape for 2013…

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B.O.M. Most Influential Barbers 2014

Congratulations to Barbers Only Magazine’s

(B.O.M.) 50 most influential barbers of 2014!

The barbers were chosen based on these 5 criteria:

  • Artistic creativity
  • Cultural influence
  • Facial hair Grooming
  • Fades/Tapers
  • Traditional Cuts                                              

 B.O.M. 50 Most Influential Barbers (2014) 

(In alphabetical order by government or IG name)

1)Adrian Fanus  2)Alex Clase  3)Amit Corso  4)Angel Raws  5)Arod23pr

6)Christina Goree  7)Chris “Razorsharp24” Williams  8)Criztofferson 9)Curtis smith

10)Danny Amorin  11)David “DL” Hiland  12)David Lindsay  13)Denny Moe

14)Doug Thompkins  15)Eric Cheeks  16)Eric Pacinos  17)Faheem Alexander

18)Garland G-Wiz Fox  19)Gino Maggio  20) Haven the groomer  21)  Hood Barber07

22) J. ruff (Illinois)  23)J. Valentin  24) JC Tha barber (Los Angeles)  25) Jesse Lima

26) Joe the barber (San Antonio)  27) Julius Ceasar (Los Angeles) 28) Kb bullock

29) Kenny Duncan  30) Kriste Faulkner  31) Los Cut it  32) Marcus Harvey

33) Marcus Ph333  34) Mark Marrero  35) Mike “10 stacks” Sales  36) Moody OC

37)  Papito “Blessed Hands” 38) Qaadir Larke  39) Rich “Captain Smash”Payne

40) Rich “Get Rich Inc” the Barber  41) Rob “Big Rob” Presswood 42) Rob the original

43) Sipp da Surgeon  44) Spruce Cruz  45) Stacey Kutz  46) Tariq Nevar 47) Tone McGill

48) Vandagoat49) Wil Perez  50)Youseff the barber