Blade change for longevity

As barbers we spend time adjusting, sharpening and modifying our blades. After meticulous blade maintenance, we have them cutting “just right”. However, sometimes we forget to actually change our blades. After constant sharpening and adjusting, there has to be a time when you switch to a new blade and start the process over. I speak from experience. After sharpening one of my favorite blades on my Andis Outliner for the 3rd time in almost 3 years, I realized there was not much blade left to sharpen. If you are a high volume barber, your blade change time should be much quicker. The dilemma is that by the time we get our blades perfect, we may have to soon change the blade that took so long to perfect. One solution is to modify and sharpen new blades immediately; don’t wait until they get dull. You will get more usage in the long room from your clippers.

8 reasons clients hate you


8 reasons clients hate you
1. You’re always late to work

2. You station is so dirty it should be quarantined 

3. Your trimmers are TOO sharp and leave marks. 

4. You don’t take showers regularly 

5. You don’t use a toothbrush regularly

6. You try to sleep with every woman that comes in the shop. 

7. You spend way too much time on 1 cut because of 1. Smoke break 2. Lunch break 3. PlayStation break. 

8. Your cuts suck but no one will tell you the truth.