About Us


Bashan “BG Cutta” Gibbs

As a child, you never realize that the people you surround yourself with, even family, may one day inspire you to do great things. At the young impressionable age of 12, Gibbs was inspired by his uncle Anthony Brookins. Throughout his childhood, while living in Ohio, he was his barber. He inspired Gibbs to try it himself. In 1989, when he put his curiosity of barbering to the test, the “Free Style Fade Era” was in full effect. Of course, his first client was himself because not many adults would trust a 12 year old cutting their hair. After proving that he had talent, his stepfather became his first adult client. Soon after this, Gibbs started his hustle. He charged his friends as well as his stepfather’s friends $2 per haircut. In 1992, he moved to Southwest Atlanta, GA. This major move didn’t stop his hustle; he continued to cut in middle school and throughout the Allen Temple Projects, on the westside of Atlanta.  In March 1994 he was injured by a grazing bullet passing just above his left ear at a teen night club which led him to Grady Hospital. It was two weeks after that experience he received word  Ras Jesse Gibbs his father had passed away. It was this near fatal event and tragic death that changed his life forever, motivating him to hustle even harder. He learned to never give up because life is too short to settle. Gibbs buckled down and became serious about making a career for himself. He started cutting his friends’ hair during lunch towards the end of high school. Due to short lunch breaks, he acquired speed during this time. In 1997 he graduated Harper Archer High School and during that same summer  worked in his first barber shop and attended Atlanta Technical College. Thanks to Joe and Mr. Shareef, He gained professional experience at Cut Authority Barbershop in Decatur, GA. Unable to see the potential that he had of becoming a professional barber, he stopped cutting to begin pursuing a career as a graphic artist. In 1999, he graduated from Atlanta Technical Institute with a 2-year degree in Graphic Design. After a short span as a graphic artist, due to being laid off, Gibbs started the search for a job that allowed him to do what he loved.  Gibbs then decided that he would no longer let his destiny be controlled by others. In the fall of 2001, he started cutting hair at Alpha Design Barbershop. This turned out to be the best career move he could have made. While working at Alpha Design, he met two barbers that have had a huge impact on my life. The owner of the shop, Craig “Mr. Taper” Logan, and a fellow barber, Vinny Barberino McGill, have aided him in perfecting his craft. They also helped him to understand the barber game. In 2003, he started cutting hair at Natural Blend Barbershop in Marietta, GA. He started  his apprenticeship in 2004 and completed the program and acquired his license in May 2006. Soon after, in May 2007, he was in the position to purchase Natural Blend Barbershop, now known as True Skills Barbershop, from Mark Womble. Throughout all of these years  Gibbs found a way to manage his personal life and manage two businesses, Barbers Only Magazine and a True Skills Barbershop.  This journey has taught him the lesson to stay focus and disciplined no matter how big of a challenge. His ultimate goal is to one day be an inspiration for the youth; He wants to let them to know that anything is truly possible when you stay focused and keep faith in God. Do not allow others to choose your destiny!

Vinny “Barberino” McGill

Barberino is a pioneer in the barbering industry and a leader for its future. Since acquiring his Master Barber License at age 18, he has been monumental in spreading the advancement of Barbershop Culture worldwide. By exercising his entrepreneurial spirit, the Barber Boss has helped spread the Barbershop Culture’s relevance to a variety of media outlets such as BET, Jet Magazine, and Black Enterprise Magazine. Barberino has an exclusive network of industry moguls. He, alongside his partners Mr. Taper and BG Cutta, have assisted in the movement of barbers not only creating, branding, and manufacturing products, but also marketing them. Join Vinny Barberino in bringing barbering back to its true essence. ” Cutting and styling hair solely does not make you a Master Barber in my eyes. Barbers must not continue to take from their communities, without giving back to them respectfully”.

Craig “Mr. Taper” Logan


Craig “Mr. Taper” Logan began his unofficial career as a barber after moving from the Bronx, New York. After settling in a Washington, DC suburb in northern Virginia, Craig found there were very few barber shops. After allowing his friends to cut his hair for a few months, Craig decided to give it a try and cut his own hair; along with his little brother’s. The cuts were a success and Craig realized he was pretty good at his part-time hobby. However, that’s all it was, a hobby.  Fortunately, after having a hard time finding a summer job in college, Craig decided to try his luck at a local barber shop in Norfolk, VA. Unfortunately, after a few days at the shop, he realized that his tonsorial skills were vastly inferior to the professional barbers in the shop. He was verbally humiliated by barbers, laughed at by clients, and had no (as in zero) regular clients. However, as angry and embarrassed as he was, he vowed to learn how to be a good barber and devote as much time as he could to being the best he could be. At that moment of public humiliation, Mr. Taper was born.

After several years of studying under legendary barber veterans at Danny’s Barber shop and Lewis’ Barber Shop in Norfolk, VA., Mr. Taper moved back to the Washington, DC area and began a full-time career as a master barber. He learned his trade at over 10 barber shops in 12 years.

However, after years of working for others, it was time to become an owner. He opened Mr. Cee’s Barber Shop in 1994 and had a successful shop for 3 years. However, while visiting family in Atlanta, GA one weekend, Craig fell in love with the city. He knew he wanted to live there one day. Despite protests from clients and friends, Craig decided to leave a successful business and start fresh in a brand new city.

Craig opened Alpha Design Barber Shop in 1998 and for four years the shop had mixed success. Fortunately, Craig hired two barbers who would become his good friends and business partners. At Alpha Design he trained Vinny Barberino and BG Cutta, helping them to receive their master barber license. In 2002, shortly before he decided to close his shop, Craig decided to start a magazine for barbers. In July 2002, Barbers Only Magazine‘s first issue was released.

Craig always had a desire to help the youth and give back to the community. On Halloween night in 2002, he closed his shop and began teaching high school English. As much as he loved teaching, after a few months, he realized that he wanted to eventually return to the barber shop full-time. The magazine was a perfect opportunity to combine his degree with his love for barbering. B.O.M. has been on a roll ever since…