5 reasons why you’re not getting clients…


You have just got a job at a barbershop. You are fresh out of barber school or you are an experienced barber who needed a change of scenery. After a few weeks, your numbers are disappointing. Everyone in the shop is eating except you. Let’s examine some scenarios on why you’re not getting clients…

  1. You are too slow. Taking an hour for a simple bald fade is not gonna make it.
  2. No promotion. If you are the new guy in the shop, you have to market yourself outside of the shop AND on social media.
  3. You don’t look the part. If you are always unshaven or not groomed yourself, why would a client trust you?!? What are you wearing? Is it professional or comfortable? I’m not saying wear a suit and tie but at least look neat.
  4. Hygiene. No one’s gonna tell you this bro but…. Your breath stinks and you smell like you just came from the gym; because you just came from the gym. If you are working out before you hit the shop; hit the shower first.
  5. Your cuts suck… If clients are constantly unhappy with your service then it’s time to look in the mirror. Just like in school; it’s time to study. Find a barber mentor you respect and ask to sit and watch. Humble yourself and realize you are not as good as you think. Study the good barbers on You Tube and learn something. Attend a hair show and take a barber class. You have to invest in yourself if you want to be successful.

Remember, barbering is a profession that takes skill, dedication and a love for the craft. If you don’t have these 3 traits, you might want to consider finding another job… But that’s none of my business…


(Pic by Christina House. Barber-Cesar Paniagua at The Shave-Beverly Hills)

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