10 things some barbers say..

If you have worked in a barbershop long enough, chances are you have heard a barber say one of these…. Here are 10 things some barbers say. 
1. I don’t need a appointment app, I only take walk ins

2. I’ll never use dye, color, or hair fibers. 

3. I don’t need any social media, I have business cards

4. I’m not cutting kids, they move too much. 

5. I’m not cutting none of those crazy designs. 

6. I don’t cut (insert ethnicity) hair. 

7. I’m don’t need to go to a barber class, I know how to cut. 

8. I don’t need to use razors on my cuts. 

9. How did (insert celebrity barber) get that job?I cut better than them!

10. I don’t need shears, clippers will do the same thing.