10 things barber should do everyday

1. Clean clippers. Spray…2. Blade wash clippers. Dip…

3. Oil clippers. Lubricate…

4. Market and promote. Pass out flyers, business cards. Post your cuts on social media. 

5. Clean your station.Wipe…

6. Eat at a set time and let your clients know. Nothing worse than a hungry barber who has clients waiting.  

7. Enrich your barber knowledge-check out some popular barbers work on Instagram, YouTube and Facebook. 

8. Update your daily money schedule. Keep track of what you make daily, weekly, monthly and annually. 

9. Keep $35-$50 in small bills. 1s,5s,10s. 

10. Watch the news. I personally hate the news but our clients expect us to know what’s going on in our cities. That includes weather, politics and sports.