10 barber new year resolutions for 2016


Everyone has their new year resolution list for 2016; barbers are no different. If you want to make your #barberlife successful in 2016, check out a few resolutions designed specifically for us!

#BARBERLIFE New Year Resolutions

  1. I will attend at least 1 barber education class
  2. I will market and promote at least for 20 minutes; 3 times a week using flyers, business cards and social media.
  3. I will keep utilize clipper maintenance daily and keep my trimmers sharp.
  4. I will buy my own neck strips
  5. I will buy my own razors.
  6. I will keep my clippers and combs sanitized and free from germs.
  7. I will keep my station clean.
  8. I will pay myself before I pay anyone else.
  9. I will take at least 1 day off per week.
  10. I will not overbook my schedule.