8 reasons clients hate you


8 reasons clients hate you
1. You’re always late to work

2. You station is so dirty it should be quarantined 

3. Your trimmers are TOO sharp and leave marks. 

4. You don’t take showers regularly 

5. You don’t use a toothbrush regularly

6. You try to sleep with every woman that comes in the shop. 

7. You spend way too much time on 1 cut because of 1. Smoke break 2. Lunch break 3. PlayStation break. 

8. Your cuts suck but no one will tell you the truth. 

Wahl  5 star Magic Clip testimonial

It’s been about 3 years since I removed a Wahl clipper from my arsenal. Today I added them back. It wasn’t anything about their performance which made me remove them; I was a diehard Seniors supporter for decades. I just wanted to try different brands. I’m glad I added these back! I have over 62 differ t clippers so it was kind of easy to switch up but I actually forgot how smooth the fades are with these clippers. The guards and the blade that comes with these Magic Clips allow for a wider and more blend-happy fade. Avis users will know what I’m talking about and others will think… wtf 

I’m not telling you to get rid of anything because I rock with everybody; Wahl’s, Andis, Oster, Bayblyss…. but check these out the next time you get a brush length bald fade. Clipper paradise…